Online/Blended Course Requirements

The University’s online learning environment includes a substantial expectation of interactive virtual learning activities and engagement. Chat rooms and threaded discussions provide opportunities for productive class interaction, and to connect with faculty members for help and guidance. Chat rooms are open for discussion with peers (at any time) or faculty (during office hours). Online courses engage students with interactive learning exercises and animated activities. Online courses also provide an audio visual advantage. Students are able to see and hear each lesson from any computer with access to the Internet that meets the hardware and software specifications listed herein. Because West Coast University is aware that students may have multiple ways of learning, the sights and sounds associated with online courses add a valuable dimension to the educational experience. Moreover, animations, graphs, charts, and slide presentations are regularly integrated into the courses.

Registration for online classes is opened determined by each campus no later than the fifth week of the term for next term. Students are informed of this registration period via email. Signing up for an online class using this process does not guarantee students placement into the class; registrars verify class schedules then place students into respective classes. Sign up information is found at the following link on the University website:

New students will receive login information from eCollege Learning Studio via email. Alternatively, students can go to: to get a password, using their WCU student ID number as the login ID. Additional information is provided on the login page for forgotten passwords and user assistance.

First-time online or blended course students are enrolled into the New Student Training that takes place the week before classes begin. The Online Course Calendar provides training week dates.

Several academic programs include blended courses. Students can contact their program department for more information regarding the use of online or blended instruction. Blended courses combine traditional classroom instruction with online delivery. Generally blended courses meet in face-to-face the first and last days of class; all other class meetings occur online. Students enrolled in online or blended courses are required to participate in online course activities as outlined in each course’s syllabus.

Please Note: Blended course in the Dental Hygiene program meet in residence once a week throughout the term, and the rest of instruction is online. Contact the Dental Hygiene department for more information.