July 2015 Addendum

Publishing Date:  July 8, 2015

MSN Alumni Pathway Grant

The MSN Alumni Pathway grant is only available to online students who enroll in the inaugural class of MSN advanced generalist program. This grant excludes the RN to MSN program.


West Coast University has established an Alumni Pathway grant in order to promote online higher education to the alumni of WCU’s Bachelor degree in Nursing. Grant amounts will not exceed 20% of tuition and required fee charges each term. To be eligible for the MSN Alumni Pathway grant, a candidate must meet all of WCU’s admissions requirements, be admitted to the university, and start online courses in the inaugural class beginning on August 29, 2015. Please contact the WCU Financial Aid department for additional information. The MSN Alumni Pathway grant may not be combined with any other WCU scholarships or grants.

WCU Opportunity Grant

This grant is available to qualified students, effective July 8, 2015. 

The WCU Opportunity Grant is offered to qualified students who are enrolled in the on-ground BSN or LVN-BSN programs at West Coast University and have exhausted all other attempts at gap financing.   To qualify, a student must meet all admissions requirements of the program, and meet the following criteria:

California applicants:  A minimum composite score of 8, based on entrance examination and cumulative GPA as described in the catalog admissions requirements, is required.

Amounts awarded may vary based on demonstrated financial need, but will not exceed a maximum of $9,500 per semester.  Awards are renewable each academic year for students who  meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, have demonstrated financial need for the subsequent academic year, and are current on their payment plans. This grant may not be combined with any other WCU grant or scholarship.