MSN Admissions Requirements Addendum

The MSN Admissions Requirements content and layout has been modified.  No policy change has been made.  

1. Have a minimum of a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing or closely related field from an accredited institution for admission to the MSN curriculum.  Students with a Bachelor of Science degree in a field other than Nursing will be required to verify course work or experience in undergraduate research, leadership/management, and public/community health.  If course work is required, the student may be admitted, but must complete the following additional course requirements before starting MSN core courses: (Please see university’s policy Admission to Programs with Pre-Requisite Requirements)

a. NURS 340 Public Health Nursing
b. NURS 350 Research in Nursing
c. NURS 420 Principles of Leadership and Management

2. Have an unobstructed active license as a Registered Nurse (RN) in California or applicant’s state of residence, depending on location of preceptorship,

3. Have a minimum of one year of full time experience as a registered nurse recommended

4. Satisfactorily complete statistics (MATH 210 or equivalent) in the past 5 years and before  NURS 540 Research Utilization,

5. Submit three satisfactory academic and professional recommendations (one from a professional in the MSN track of choice),

6. Submit a resume or Curriculum Vitae,

7. Complete an on-site essay,

8. Be recommended for admission following a personal interview with the campus Dean of Nursing or designees,

9. Met one of the following: 

a. Pass the HESI A2 at the 90% level,
b. Achieved eligible totals on the GRE as follows,
c. Have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the bachelor’s degree program;    

MSN- GRE Score Table:

Old Scores

Updated Scores

Verbal Reasoning



Quantitative Reasoning



Eligible Totals




Graduate Nursing Transfer Credit Evaluation

Please Note: All transfer credit or course substitutions taken at previous institutions, must be approved by the campus Dean of Nursing. Enrollment in higher level courses prior to completion of these pre-requisite courses must be approved by the campus Dean of Nursing.

Only courses in which a grade of B (3.0) or better has been received will be considered for transfer credit into the graduate program.   A student is limited to a maximum of six (6) transfer credits for graduate level (500 and 600 level) courses.