University Dismissal Addendum

University Dismissal

Effective November 25, 2014 for current and new students, the University Dismissal policy has been modified to reflect the following language:

Students on academic and financial aid warning that fail to meet the minimum CGPA or rate of progress requirements at the end of the semester, will be dismissed from the University, but may appeal the dismissal.

A student will be dismissed from the university’s Pre-Licensure (LVN-BSN, BSN) Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, if he or she receives: 

  •  Three non-passing grades at West Coast University in any combination of General Education and Nursing (NURS) course, or
  •  Two non-passing grades in any Nursing (NURS) courses, or
  •  Receive a non-passing grade twice for the same course, regardless of whether the course is in General Education or Nursing.
  •  NURS 499 will not be considered when determining student status for academic dismissal.

(A grade of a D+ or below is a non-passing grade for any General Education course.  A grade of C or below is a non-passing grade for any Nursing (NURS) course.   Please see the Grading Scale for additional information on passing/non-passing grades. Please inquire in the appropriate program administrative offices for information related to passing/non-passing grades in graduate programs.)

A student in Dental Hygiene who does not successfully complete (as defined in the University catalog grading scale) the same General Education course twice, does not successfully complete  a third General Education course, or is unsuccessful in a DHYG course will be dismissed.

Students who are in violation of academic and/or student conduct policies may be dismissed. 

A student who fails to meet the University and/or program specific attendance policy may be dismissed.

Class Repeats for Undergraduate Students

The policy has been modified to support the University Dismissal policy.

Students who receive a non-passing grade according to the appropriate grading scale may be able to repeat the course.  Eligibility to repeat a course is determined by the Program Chair and
program-specific policies.

Failed Courses

The Failed Courses policy has been removed, effective November 13, 2014.  Student should refer to the University Dismissal policy, Class Repeats for Undergraduate Students, and other program-specific policies for additional information about failed courses.