Health Insurance Requirements

Students must comply with all program specific requirements and legal responsibilities involving health insurance. Students must provide acceptable proof of adequate health insurance coverage when assigned to academic activities requiring health insurance as a prerequisite to participation, such as clinical rotations where student health insurance coverage is a contractual obligation. Students on non-immigrant visas are required to carry health insurance coverage and must show proof of coverage at the time of enrollment.

All Nursing students are required to provide proof of health insurance coverage to be included in their first clinical packets for clinical rotations; and to be maintained for continued participation in the program.

Note for Nursing students: All Nursing students entering Nursing core will be required to declare health insurance status, including health insurance provider and policy number, in conjunction with submission of their first clinical packet. In response to the requirements of clinical education sites and related consortia, the College of Nursing may require any student entering a clinical rotation to provide proof of health insurance as a condition of participating in the clinical education component of their pre-licensure program.

Violations of this policy will be addressed under the Student Code of Conduct.