NURS 570 Advanced Pharmacology

Featuring a unique clinical reasoning format this course provides both the content knowledge and the clinical reasoning the student will need to become proficient in pharmacology. This in-depth course builds on students' knowledge of normal developmental physiology and serves as the basis for the advance practice nurses' direct pharmacotherapeutic management of a variety of common minor and acute illnesses. Preparing the student principles of pharmacokinetics; pharmacodynamics and pharmacotherapeutics are emphasized and analyzed. The most current National Institute of Health (NIH) mortality and morbidity statistics for adolescents and adults are used as a basis for medical management. Additional focus in prescription writing and role restriction by state, federal regulations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is included to ensure successful transition to the primary care role.

This is a blended course.




NURS 530 or consent of the program Dean/Chair.