Final Grade Appeal

Students who wish to file a grade appeal of their final course grade when the assigned grade is a non-passing grade, must do so within two business days of notification of failure or within two days of the Wednesday of the final week of the term/semester, whichever comes first. It is essential that the student meets this deadline in order to potentially avoid becoming out-of-sequence in the subsequent term/semester of instruction, assuming the appeal is approved.

Students appealing a non-failing grade have until the end of the first week of the subsequent term/semester to file an appeal, as the outcome of the appeal will presumably not have an impact on the student's ability to continue through his/her program of study. 

Students in the MSOT/OTD program who wish to file a grade appeal of their final course grade, must do so within two business days of notification or within two days of the end of the session, whichever comes first.

The Grade Appeals Process and related forms are available in the Registrar's Office. The process steps for a grade appeal are as follows:

  1. Consult with the faculty member who issued the grade for reconsideration of the grade or the record, utilizing the grade appeals form. Appeals of failing grades will be addressed within two (2) business days of receipt.
  2. If, after consultation with the faculty member, the student wishes to further appeal the grade, or if the faculty member is either unavailable or does not respond within the time frame outlined in step one, the student should request in writing to the academic program Dean/Chair of his/her academic program, within two business days, an investigation of the grade. The academic program Dean/Chair may investigate the matter personally or refer it to a designee. The investigation will be conducted by the end of the first week of the following term. At the conclusion of the investigation, the academic program Dean/Chair shall issue a finding in writing that either concurs with the faculty member regarding the grade or in some instances requires the faculty member to revise the grade based on demonstrable evidence that the initial grade was in error.
  3. If a student feels that his/her grade appeal has not been handled appropriately, or that the grade assigned was based on instructor bias or unfair treatment, the student may employ the Student Complaint/Grievance Procedure outlined in this catalog.
  4. The student shall be given a written summary of the conclusion of the appeal (using the Grade Appeals form). If the student believes the summary to be inaccurate, misleading, or in violation of the privacy or other rights of the student, the student may insert a written statement in the record.

A successful grade appeal does not guarantee the ability to advance to the next course in sequence in the subsequent term.