“Incomplete” (I) Grades

A grade of Incomplete (“I”) indicates that a portion of the course requirements has not been completed and there remains the possibility that the student may still earn credit.  An "I" grade may only be issued in extenuating circumstances, which, in general, are defined as medical or personal in nature, beyond the student's control, and affecting them for a period of time. 

In order to request an "I" grade, a minimum of 67% of the course assessments and assignments must have been completed and a petition must be submitted to the course faculty member by the last day of the term.  All "I" grades not resolved within 50 calendar days of the last date of the term will automatically convert to an "F" grade.  Faculty members may assign an earlier deadline, when appropriate, by indicating on the petition the date by which all course requirements must be completed. 

If a student does not complete all course requirements within 50 calendar days or by the deadline assigned by the faculty member, a grade of "F" will replace the "I" on the student's transcript. 

Students should note that an "I" grade does not indicate the course is completed, meets the requirements for a degree, or prerequisite requirements.